Thursday, January 28, 2010

Africa Gift Shop

In an effort to raise more money for the children of Takes A Whole Village and the ministry costs I am now selling hand made African products! I'm really excited about this new project and hope you will find something you like! If you are on FACEBOOK, I have a page set up called: African Gift Shop! It has more pictures and more information. If you do not have facebook but want more details, please email me at Please go check it out become a FAN and tell all your friends! See below for a couple of pictures of what is currently available. Please take into consideration, if you order within the month of February it can be shipped back with one of my family members who are coming to visit me in March! Thanks for making a difference in the lives of children in Tanzania!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

my girls

In kiswahili there is a word that I love: Shikamoo. It is said to anyone older or in a position of respect. It is the first thing you must say when greeting someone. The response is Marahaba, which means roughly I accept your acknowledgment. Mostly you say this to mothers, fathers, grandparents, police, etc. The other day we arrived at the house and got out of the car and were walking along and Miriam calls Neema over to her. She picks her up (somehow) and says why didn't you greet me? In which of course Neema says Shikamoo Miriam. This was so funny to me to watch the three year old greet the five year old. They make me laugh!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hope Nursery and Primary

Well the babies started school! I am so excited for them. I was totally an obnoxious 'parent' and interrupted class on Monday morning just to get a few pictures. Lucky for me the teachers appeased me and let me get a couple of snapshots for all of their fans. :) Their uniforms must be sized and so we are expecting them in the next week or so...stay tuned for those photos.

Their applications filled and ready...

Jumanne's Class 3 (far right green sweater)
Fabien and Miriam
Fabien washing his hands before lunch...
Ugali (sticky porridge staple - not my fav...but the kids love it!) Lunchtime!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ring it IN!!!

For New Years Eve this year I had all the TAWV kids over for a slumber party. I made lasagne for only the second time in my life, treated the babies to Fanta (their favorite) and then introduced them to Rice Krispy Treats!! Hahaha they were not sure, but once they was love at first bite. :) We watched Lion King until Mid-night at which point we obviously had a dance party! :) The more I am around these children the more I realize why I am here. I can become frustrated with court stuff with Neema, but maybe just maybe my prolongments are not about me at all. Take a look at the best start ever to 2010.....

so much fun with Neema and Pray's toys!
straight up preciousness!
Miriam and Fabien waiting for chakula (food)
Counting Down the minutes already....
Fabien...always makes me laugh!
Rice Krispy Treats!! They didn't even know if it was food!
But soon realized they LOVED it!
Sweet Sisters...
Just a little LION KING...
Proud Mama! :)

HAPPY 2010!!!!!!!!