Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Presents II

I am going over to Arusha for ONE WEEK only, and will be bringing back Christmas goodies! Please let me know QUICK if you want to place a specific order (all orders should be emailed by Nov 27th)...if you are not sure, or don't see this in time, I will be buying the scarves, coasters, and stars and will be having some Christmas shows if you want to come have a look. But it's best if you already know, to contact me to ensure you get what you want! I am also bringing home a new shipment of SANDALS for the spring. New Designs and they are so cute!! So get excited! And best of all, as always, ALL proceeds go directly back to these angels.... (

(excerpt from last year)
Christmas is RIGHT AROUND the corner! Please consider purchasing one of these amazing little African gifts for not just Christmas, but maybe birthdays, shower gifts, hostess gifts, anything! All the profits will go to these children pictured below. I am raising money to help them with school fees, food in their tummies, and a roof over their head! Please see previous posts to learn a little about each of them! They are my heart and soul and let them become a part of yours too! If you are interested in an item please just email me at and let me know the details of what you want. I will quickly respond with how you can go about purchasing. Happy Shopping!!!

Miriam (6), Fabien (5), and Jumanne (9)

many varieties of scarves

$20 each

napkin rings $25 for six

These were a favorite item last year. Christmas ornaments (but can be used year round, key chains, home decor, etc.)

$10 each

$5 for five bracelets

little baskets $7 each or three for $20

big baskets $35

Coasters (another favorite) $30 for 6


Friday, November 12, 2010

Tanzania Bound!

I am so THRILLED to report I am boarding a plane for the week of Thanksgiving to go see these faces.... sweet girls....i'm coming!!

The Baby...oh i love how i try to pick him up and he keeps his legs straight...that's how you know they are too old to be held, but I always try to hold him anyway! Miriam on the other hand will want to be held the whole time and I will just throw her little 6 year old self on my hip and carry all over town and I cant wait!

I am looking forward to coming home with lots of new pictures, updates, and some Africa treasures to sell at Christmas and a new stock of sandals - NEW STYLES!!- so be sure to check back in a couple of weeks so you can shop for a cause! ;)

Also, if you have time, you should go to and check out Davis Mitchell's artwork. 15% of the profits goes to support the children on TAWV and the remainder goes toward another really wonderful cause. :)

Please pray for safe travels and for the short amount of time I will be with the kids. I have a lot to do in these quick 6 days i'll be there, but my hope is for the time to be precious and productive. Come back soon for new updates!