Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

My plane touched down in Atlanta last Monday and my life has been spinning ever since. The first thing I see as I am walking toward baggage claim is two security gaurds riding alongside each other on bicycles wearing helmets. I laugh out loud to myself and wish I was with someone to say "I am definitely back in America." :)

The transition has been ok, fortunately jet lag has not really effected me. But I am experiencing a little reverse culture shock. The other day my mama, sister, and I went Christmas shopping and I realized just how quickly and easily one can slip back into that consumeristic mindset. I saw this dress and it was like something came over me and in my head I was like "i NEED that dress!" I started thinking about the shoes I would wear with it, the jewelry..oh that would look so good... I resisted buying the dress and as soon as I got to the car I was fine and back to the mentality of I have way too much stuff already. But it did not take long to slip back into all the temptations we face here in our culture to have something new, to get dressed up and look pretty.  

I know many of you are wondering what my next step is... And as of now I am not entirely positive. The one thing I do know for sure is I will be returning to Africa, I am just not sure when. My heart is for the country of Zimbabwe. I know it is in the news a lot right now and with the violent tactics of the thug militias and cholera outbreaks all over the country it makes it a scary place. But what the news does not report is that 1 out of every 3 children are orphans! And everyday at least 20 corpses of newborn babies are found thrown away or even flushed down the toilets and that is just in Harare ALONE! Unless you have access to USD or the South African Rand it is impossible to buy even the simplest of necessities, they can't farm because they don't have seeds. They are STARVING! Thousands of orphans...NO FOOD! 

During my last week in Arusha I was able to attend a conference with Young Life leaders from all over Africa. By His grace, six leaders from Zimbabwe were there. I had met all of them during my time at Chris and Norma's farm in 2007. It was a beautiful reunion! We talked a lot about the situation on the ground and what some of the purest needs are. Nkosi, 23 year old who grew up as a child head of the house himself said what the children need even before food is just someone who cares. He said the people feel like the world has turned their backs on Zimbabwe. Even while he was in Tanzania, all people wanted to talk about was the inflation rate and cholera....no one really asked "How are YOU doing?" 

Please join me in praying for this country. Pray that the Holy Spirit would nudge the hearts of other African leaders to step up and challenge President Robert Mugabe. Pray for courage for all of the people living under these harsh conditions and that they would continue to hold on. Pray for the mamas and widows who are doing the best they can with the overwhelming numbers of children in their villages. Pray for the NGOs who are still there trying to make a difference. And lastly pray mightily that Jesus would pour His grace upon the whole country; that he will bring his people back from captivity; he will bring health and healing to Zimbabwe and let the people enjoy abundant peace and security just like he did for Israel! 

Have a Merry Christmas and may you see His blessings always!

Nkosi, Sindie, Lims, Nkotula, Quentin, and Patson
My Heroes!!!!