Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Government Schools

The other day I went on a tour of some of the local schools and I couldn't believe what I saw and learned. When I walked into a class room of the primary school in the village Neema was born, there were three rows of desks all practically touching each other. I asked the teacher how many students were in this class. She told me 60...SIXTY?! For one teacher. 

Then I learned that many teachers at the government schools are "high school drop-outs." When a student fails at school they are often sent to teacher colleges as an alternative and then sent out to teach primary kids. They are suppose to be teaching these children english but they don't know it themselves much less other subjects. When students have a question or need help, the teacher is unable to guide them leaving only the brightest of bright children with much hope of their own advancement. 

Volunteers and child sponsorship are our biggest ways to generate money for food, clothes, and teachers salaries. LOHADA wants to make sure we are able to continue paying the qualified teachers that we have. 

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