Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I miss them!

I have been a little out of commission on this blog because I am not in Tanzania with my babies and I miss them DEARLY! But I get regular updates and they are all doing just great!! It is time for their second term and I could not be more proud of them for all finishing in the tops of their classes!!

Jumanne (Standard 3 - 3rd Grade) #4
Rehema (Standard 1) #6
Fabien (Kindergarten) #4
Miriam (Kindergarten) #2
Witness (Standard 3) #14

I am just so proud of them!! I have to say especially for Jumanne and Witness. They have both just transferred this year to an English Medium School where the other kids have been learning the language for 2 years prior and they knew none. Jumanne who for the first time is learning in a new language has the 4th highest average in his entire grade!! That is nothing short of AMAZING!!

And Witness is from a village over an hour from Arusha where they speak a tribal language and Swahili is only her second language and she came into the year a little late learning in what is becoming her third language and she still has the 14th highest average. Unbelievable really.

These children are brilliant! And their smiles light up a room. They love to come and show me their school work and practice their English to me. Ahhh it just fills me right up with love from my head to my toes!

Another thing about them that just gets how they care for each other. Jumanne is the best big brother. He is definitely the 'caretaker' whether its helping Fabien with his shoes, or holding Miriam's hand when crossing the road, or just being my translator. The girls are always helping me with Neema and helping Mama Kimaro with laundry, cooking, etc. It is such a family and i just LOVE that because that is what I had envisioned...the anti-orphanage.

Oh I miss them. I will try to get Vincent to send some pictures soon so I can update everyone (and myself!). If you are interested in contributing to their school fees for next semester, please hit the DONATE NOW button on the right of the page or you can send a Tax Deductible check made out to Takes A Whole Village to

Heath DuPree
1000 Angelo Court
Atlanta, GA 30319

Thanks so much!!