Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011

Well, this has been a long year away from Tanzania. I did get to visit the children in October but 5 days is just not nearly enough!!!! I just want to take this time to deeply THANK everyone who supported us this year. The children are growing and thriving by God's grace and I wanted to share some of the year's highlights.

Fabien (6), Witness (11), and Rehema (9) - Witness takes the "big sister" role very seriously.
The children showing off their new shoes!

The children were all in a friend's wedding (yes, that is a goat with grass in his mouth. yum yum.)

Miriam (6)

Looking fancy! 

I visited and loved every second!! 
Holding their Christmas presents
Miriam got malaria and was not happy. But fortunately after a doctors visit and some medicine she started feeling much better! 
Visiting Family

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! We look forward to all God will do in 2012!! Thank you again for your love and support.