Friday, November 12, 2010

Tanzania Bound!

I am so THRILLED to report I am boarding a plane for the week of Thanksgiving to go see these faces.... sweet girls....i'm coming!!

The Baby...oh i love how i try to pick him up and he keeps his legs straight...that's how you know they are too old to be held, but I always try to hold him anyway! Miriam on the other hand will want to be held the whole time and I will just throw her little 6 year old self on my hip and carry all over town and I cant wait!

I am looking forward to coming home with lots of new pictures, updates, and some Africa treasures to sell at Christmas and a new stock of sandals - NEW STYLES!!- so be sure to check back in a couple of weeks so you can shop for a cause! ;)

Also, if you have time, you should go to and check out Davis Mitchell's artwork. 15% of the profits goes to support the children on TAWV and the remainder goes toward another really wonderful cause. :)

Please pray for safe travels and for the short amount of time I will be with the kids. I have a lot to do in these quick 6 days i'll be there, but my hope is for the time to be precious and productive. Come back soon for new updates!

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